A New Beginning is the kick-off episode that started the whole series (Being the first episode of the first season), and it starts off with Ashley, a new and excited young trainer ready to begin her journey to becoming a Pokemon Master.

WARNING: May Contain Plot details and Spoilers for the Episode

Episode PlotEdit

S1EP01 revolves itself around a new trainer named Ashley, who has gone to recieve her starter Pokemon from the Professor in Sinnoh. Her starter-Pokemon ends up being a Piplup, whom she nicknames "Splash".

Piplup anime

Splash (Ashley's Starter Piplup)

Throughout the episode, it is shown that Ashley does not really have any interest in the small water-pokemon, nor does she want to train it. Later on in the episode after a deep-conversation with Professor Rowan and Professor Oak about her Piplup, the little water-pokemon runs out the doors of the Pokemon Center, and vanishes! Ashley is seen chasing after Piplup, until a team of Pokemon-theives come and try to steal Piplup, though Piplup manages to get away from the Hunters narrowly, and races off into a forest.

Ashley is unsuccessful in finding Piplup, but runs into a hive of beedrill instead! Though Piplup comes and saves the day, he is sent to the Pokemon Center with severe unjuries. After a while, Piplup finally recovered, and Ashley managed to work up the nerve to apologize to Piplup, saying she'd train it herself, and they'd grow together. Piplup finally forgave Ashley, and she decided to nickname him "Splash", in recognization of his bubbly and bold personality. Then, the episode ends with Piplup and Ashley heading off for more adventures.

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Though this episode revolves more around Ashley and the beginning of her journey, it's not that you can just ignore the way Splash grows along with Ashley throughout the episode. Usually, you'd think that a Pokemon trainer would choose a Pokemon and be happy with that one, but no, Ashley took her time to get used to the little water-pokemon (Even through the later episodes as well). In this episode, Splash is portrayed as a small Piplup with big dreams of having a trainer that will love and care for him, as well as help him grow. Splash also seems to have a trait of mindful, meaning he's not very bashful, and will always help out another Pokemon in a jam. Though it is understandable why Splash and Ashley may not have gotten along well at first, after hard times, it's the wonders that bring Pokemon and People together.
Characters (In this episode Specifically)
Piplup ("Splash")
The Pokemon Hunters (Actual title/name currently unknown)
Nurse Joy (And her trustfully Chansey and other Nurse Pokemon that work for the Pokemon Center)