Bounded by Fate and Misfortune is the 6th episode of the first season. It involves a basic storyline where Ashley's training her Pokemon for her upcoming rematch at Orebeurgh city, and she finds a Misdreavus.

WARNING: May Contain Plot Details and Spoilers

Plot DescriptionEdit


A Misdreavus

During a training session with her Pokemon, she spots a Misdreavus (who appears to be lost or wild) and decides to catch it. She uses her Squirtle against Misdreavus, and manages to defeat it, and catch it quite easily. Then a little boy races out of the bushes of the training area, and he's holding a pokeball, a Shinx beside him. Ashley then realizes she hadn't been the only one after that Misdreavus!

Though when Ashley explains to the young boy that she has captured the Misdreavus, he grows furious and yells at her, telling her that he wanted that Misdreavus for Pokemon Contests. Once Ashley brings Misdreavus out, it obviously feels more comfortable around the one that captured it, and floats beside Ashley, ignoring the young boy (Mostly because of fear of what he could do to it). Ashley questions what Pokemon contests are, forcing the angered boy to have to explain everything about Pokemon Contests to her. Afterwards, he declares a battle. If the misdreavus can win a battle while under Ashley's command, she could keep it. But if she lost... then the boy would take the misdreavus for himself.

Zoeys Traunfugil

Ashley's Misdreavus in battle

Ashley, wanting to keep her new friend (Misdreavus) accepted his challenge eagerly. Once the battle began, the boy used his Shinx against Misdreavus, and won without breaking a sweat. Ashley refused to give up Misdreavus, and Misdreavus refused to go with the boy. The boy was raged and yelled that he would someday get revenge on her, and leaves in a pulse of anger. Misdreavus begins to apologize that everything happened, and explains to Piplup that the boy had been chasing it for days upon days. Ashley accepted a new member on her team, and thinks about maybe someday entering a Pokemon contest herself!


Misdreavus Sugimori style by pokesafari

Ashley's New Misdreavus

Misdreavus only chose to stay with Ashley because it was being chased and hunted down, and was afraid that someady it'd be caught and forced into a Pokemon Contest. It also turns out that this Misdreavus, though unusually pretty with a slight scare to it, didn't like the thought of Pokemon contests, and didn't want to be in one. Ashley decided to enter a Pokemon contest with her other Pokemon, just so she wouldn't enrage her new friend.

Misdreavus' known moves in battle are: Astonish, Psybeam, Shadow ball and Confuse Ray.