A Skirmish of Types is the Seventh Episode of Season 1, in which a fight breaks out between two of Ashley's Pokemon, started by an argument about which type is better: Water, or Ghost.

WARNING: May Contain Plot Details and Spoilers

Plot DescriptionEdit

A Skirmish of Types begins off with Ashley happily training her Pokemon, until Squirtle accidentally hits Misdreavus with it's water gun, which sets off Misdreavus into an Argument with Squirtle.


Ashley's Squirtle using water gun

Though afterwards, Misdreavus begins to say how Ghost type are much better, and Squirtle refuses to believe it, saying that water-type Pokemon are much better then Ghost-type. The two begin to argue and bicker, while Piplup and Ashley are seen in the background, exchanging confused looks. Afterwards, Squirtle and Misdreavus decide to settle it with a good ol' Pokemon Battle. Misdreavus uses Confuse Ray, but somehow it doesn't do a thing to Squirtle, and Squirtle manages to finish Misdreavus off with another Water gun in the end.

Piplup tries to interrupt the battle several times, but results in only getting hit by a water gun and a Psybeam, and thrown back to Ashley. After the battle, Ashley returned Misdreavus and Squirtle into their Pokeballs, and refused to let them out again. She continued to train with Piplup, until somehow Misdreavus and Squirtle release themselves from their Pokeballs, and begin to argue again. In one way or another, Ashley manages to calm down Misdreavus and Squirtle, by saying that both types were awesome, and she couldn't ask for better Pokemon. Of course, Piplup was a bit jealous by this statement, but he ignored it and knew it was just so Ashley could calm the Pokemon down.

At the end of the episode, it is seen that Ashley, Squirtle, Misdreavus and Piplup are all on their way again, heading back off to Orebeurgh city, and the rematch at the Rock-type Gym.


During this episode, Piplup is shown to have learned Protect sometime off screen, considering it never used Bubble once, and used the move called Protect to try to stop the fighting. Of course, it didn't work, but it proves that Piplup's training has actually been paying off after all.

Though Ghost Pokemon aren't usually affected by water-types (they don't take as much damage) Squirtle managed to defeat Misdreavus by what Ashley calls "A Pure Stroke of Luck."