Generation of Pokemon is the eight episode of the season 1, where it is shown that Ashley's training has paid off, as she has a rematch with Roark and wins, earning herself her first Gym Badge.

WARNING: May contain Plot details and Spoilers

Plot DescriptionEdit

The Episode begins with Ashley and her Pokemon finally arriving at Orebeurgh city, with Roark all ready and set for their new gym battle. He welcomes them once they arrive at the gym, and Ashley says she has three Pokemon now, and is ready for a full-fledged 3-on-3 battle. Roark smiles and agrees, and so the battle begins.

P08 Misdreavus

Misdreavus showing off it's Speed and Agility

The battle begins with Roark sending in his Graveler, which almost defeats Squirtle, until Squirtle makes a comeback for the first win. But when Roark sends out his Steelix, Squirtle is defeated easily, and Ashley sends out Piplup. Piplup defeats Steelix, but is defeated by Ramparados. Finally, Ashley sends out Misdreavus, which with it's incredible swiftness and agility, manages to defeat Ramparados, and earn Ashley her first Gym Badge.

Roark is impressed with the way all three of Ashley's Pokemon were in sync with her and were trained well. He even compliments Ashley on how well she does with Pokemon, before Ashley and her Pokemon gather together and head off again, off to their second gym battle in Pastoria City.


In this episode, Misdreavus' shown to have gotten over it's dislike for battles (especially Contest battles) and fights especially well (considering it was it's first gym battle).

Squirtle and Piplup do have a slight argument in the beginnng when they were first getting ready for the battle, but it seems the situation was sorted out as soon as Piplup and Squirtle traded places, showing their Kinship.