Spinning Rapidash is the 9th episode of the 1st Season, in which Ashley and her Pokemon meet up with a herd of Rapidash and Ponyta, which after Squirtle accidentally blasts them with water, begin to go on a rampage!

WARNING: May contain Plot Details and Spoilers

Plot DescriptionEdit

Rapidash Normal Coloration by Xous54

The Rapidash/Ponyta herd's Rapidash leader

While Continuing on their way to Pastoria city and their 2nd Gym battle, Ashley and her Pokemon decide to stop in a forest to do some battle training. Though, when Ashley and the group meet up with a Herd of Rapidash and Ponyta, Squirtle accidentally uses water gun on the leader Rapidash, causing a stampede!

The Rapidash and Ponyta chase them out of the forest and out until they all fall in a river, Misdreavus floating over top, looking down worriedly at them. Of course, Misdreavus (being a ghost-type) couldn't help them out, so it watched them climb their way out of the river. Piplup and Misdreavus both began to put the blame on Squirtle for the accident, which makes Squirtle very upset, and Ashley have to work to get her Pokemon to calm down.

Later when they were practicing again, they end up near the edge of the forest, and the herd come and try to attack them once again.


Rapidash running at them in Anger

But Squirtle then tries to stop them, getting run over in the process. Afterwards, Ashley manages to stop the herd from crushing Piplup, Misdreavus trying to learn a new power to stop them, but failing miserably. Ashley tells the leader Rapidash that they had no idea there even was a herd here, and that she and Squirtle were both sorry. Rapidash decided that if Ashley could win in a battle against it, it would forgive them and let them pass through their forest. Ashley easily defeats Rapidash with Piplup, and Rapidash even apologizes for what happened to Squirtle, Ashley and Squirtle both forgiving them for the accident, and Ashley and her Pokemon head off to Continue training for their next gym battle in Pastoria City.


The leader Rapidash happened to be the mother of quite a few of the Ponyta, which explained her almost motherly-like nature when one of them were harmed.

The move in this episode that Misdreavus attempted to learn but failed at doing so was Astonish.