Chingling Bell is the 10th episode of the 1st season, in which Ashley and her Pokemon encounter a group of wild Chingling, and a trainer that is eagerly willing to get one of the Chingling.

WARNING: may contain Plot details and Spoilers

Plot DescriptionEdit

While training her Pokemon, Ashley comes and her Pokemon come across a large group of chingling in a mountain-forest range, where they met a girl named Sasha, who's planning to catch one of the chingling. Though, when they come close to catching them, the Chingling race away in terror from what looks more like a giant shadow then anything else.

240px-Poke Ball Recent Capture

Sasha catching a Chingling

When they find out there is a pack of Growlith and Arcanine chasing the Chingling off their territory, as soon as they spot Ashley, her pokemon and Sasha, they begin attacking them viciously. Squirtle and Piplup combine Bubble to try and stop the angered pack, but instead, just make them even more furious, the pack knocking both Squirtle and Piplup out easily, despite disadvantage. Misdreavus manages to learn soothe bell and relax the angered pack, telling them that it was all a big misunderstanding, and that they didn't know they lived in the same forest-mountain range. The leader Arcanine forgives them, but a few Growlith start giving Squirtle and Piplup (Still both trying to recover) a bad time, more growlith joining in. Then, Splash learns cut and gives each Growlith a cut on the nose, sending them crying back to their mother Arcanines.  As soon as that finishes, Sasha begins to sob over the loss of the Chingling, until one Chingling comes back and lands in front of Sasha. Using this to her advantage, Sasha sends out her Grotle and defeats the Chingling, then catching it.

At the end of the episode, Ashley races off with a hurt Piplup and a hurt Squirtle, Misdreavus following, to the Pokemon center.


In this episode, Sasha makes her first apperance, and she later comes back with a newly evolved Chimecho, which she uses in the first contest Ashley ends up entering (In which she uses her newly evolved Wartortle and Luxio)


Sasha's newly evolved Chimecho

Later on, Misdreavus ends up forgetting Soothe Bell in exchange for other moves that it learns later on. Of course, Soothe Bell is a move that Misdreavus are not known to be able to learn, but it's considered a stroke of luck that Misdreavus learned it in time.