The Poor Ponyta is the 12th episode of the 1st season, in which Ashley and her Pokemon encounter a lost Ponyta that has drifted from it's herd and been tied to a tree by a dredful trainer. Ashley decides to help the Ponyta, therefore, earning a new Pokemon for her team.

WARNING: May contain Spoilers

Plot descriptionEdit

In this episode, it begins out with Ashley racing towards Pastoria city to help her two fainted Pokemon (Piplup and Squirtle) and they come across a lone forest, which they run through for what seems like miles. Ashley can't run any longer and falls down, Misdreavus escaping it's Pokeball and looking down at her worriedly. As soon as Ashley recovers from Fatigue, she hears a crying sound of what sounds like another Pokemon nearby. As soon as they approach, they come across a Ponyta... tied to a tree! It had no food, no water... no nothing!

As soon as they find the Ponyta, Ashley quickly (even after being in fatigue for more then 20 minutes) unties Ponyta from the tree and gives it some Pokemon food, which it devours without hesitation.